Sunday, November 4, 2012

Room Reveal: Amy and Brian's Earthy Eclectic Dining Room

This is definitely the biggest project I have done to date: an entire thrifted/bargain dining room in just a few days! My (newly engaged) friends Amy and Brian gave me a blank slate and full reign to give them a dining room on a budget. The purpose was two fold, 1. give me something to blog about and a body of work that may hopefully turn into some side work 2. Brian is getting ready to put his house on the market  and wanted the rooms to look more defined.

The mission: Furnish an entire dining room in the style of "earthy" and "eclectic", and of course, on a budget.

Since they don't plan on being in this house long term, I didn't waste my time on anything that couldn't be easily transported to a new dwelling. But I did turn this

into this



I love this space, and I think Amy and Brian do too. The easiest part of this room was by far finding the table and corner table from my favorite store in Richmond (and maybe the entire world) Class and Trash. There are no words to describe how much I love that store. You can always find just what you need, and usually for me, way too many things that I love but I don't need.

The hardest part was the chairs. I ain't gonna lie....they were hard work. First it was hard to find a set of chairs that was within the budget. Most chairs that I wouldn't have had to stain or paint were over $50 each. Even most sets were over $150 and I still would have had to stain, reuposlter or paint them. First I found the 4 side chairs on craiglist for $10! Then I found 2 more that I thought would work for end chairs at goodwill for another $11. I am going to to do a more in depth post about the chairs but lets just put it this way, all those spindles= a ton of work.

Budget Breakdown

Dining Room Table- Class and Trash- $81.90 (including tax)
Green Corner Table- Class and Trash- $47.25 (including tax)
1950’s Bar Cart- $8- Hope Thrift
4 Chairs- $10 – Craigslist
2 end chairs - $11- Goodwill
Bamboo Shades- $16.97 each, $35.64 total- Home Depot
Martha Stewart Curtains- on clearance 4 at $10 each, $42 total with tax- Home Depot
Condiment Server- $8- Hope Thrift
3 vintage wooden bowls- $2 each, $6.30 total with tax- Hope Thrift
Amber Pitcher- $3- Goodwill
Green Leaf Pictures- $8 each, $17.28 total with tax- Goodwill
Multi- Colored Leaf Picture- $5- Goodwill
Landscape Picture- $8- Diversity Thrift
Bamboo Wine Rack- $8.50- Diversity Thrift
Bamboo Placements- I already owned- Dollar Store I believe
Glass Wear- $2.50 for four glasses
Old drink mixers- $6- Class and Trash
Zinnser Primer for chairs- $22- Home Depot
Granite Spray Paint 6 cans at $3.87, $24.38 total with tax- Home Depot
$28 spent at Michael's on Rub n’ Buff, Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint, 3 brushes, stencil (failed project)
Frames and Atlas- $1 each for $3.15- Dollar Store
Curtain Rods- $7-wal mart

Total= $384.90

I think I did pretty great considering most new dining room tables cost more than that. The one thing that is never cheap is window treatments. Especially when you want blind and curtains (don't forget curtain rods!), but I did my best.

Now, to thrift or not to thrift? I will be first to admit this way of decorating isn't for everyone. While I did get a lot for my money, I spent 10-12 hours on this room. I went to several different stores, some more than once, to find the best deals and the best stuff. I also had to set up meetings for the craigslist items. I also spend at least 6 hours on redoing various items. I know that many people would rather just walk into one or two stores, pick out what they want and be on their way.

Even though it was  a lot of work, I do think bargain hunting is the way to go, at least for me. I find fun in digging through a bin of dusty junk to find a piece you think is awesome. Some people value brand- names or designer items. I find value in the fact that no one on earth can go into a store and buy the stuff from this dining room!

What do you think, to thrift or not to thrift?

If you know anyone that wants a room redone on a budget, please give them my name and info, I am hoping to turn this into a side business....

Also for some reason that I can't figure out, the ability to write comments on my page isn't working for most people, so feel free to comment on the Silly, Honest and Kind facebook page.


  1. looks great, yes, thirfty has always been my moto as well, even ally driving, will find you some great finds